5-star hotels, dark dungeons, shiny futristic latex rooms, private BDSM parties, luxurious restaurants or the mysterious night world of fetish clubs:

the place may change ...

high heels, gloves, masks and a second skin of latex under designer dresses:

the outfit may change ...

untouchable fetish diva, educated companion, cool business woman, dominant latex lady:

the roles may be different ...

.. but one thing always remains the same:

Her perfection in latex from head to toe!

L u x u r i o u s, s t y l i s h and h e a d - t o - t o e in l a t e x -

The Latex Diva Rubber Queen Ana-Lucia is characterized by her first - class style in latex.

In addition to the fascinating and demanding diva, her exquisite masks and latex fetish are in the foreground.

Ana-Lucia is a fetish diva and artist at the same time. Enjoy your unique videos and photos here. They arise from the passion for fetish.

"For me, excitement is the art of discovering new secrets and turning them into a desire that I can enjoy. I love to confuse their minds with my words, to offer them visual stimulation, just as I refer to the mental aspects of their fantasies."

R U B B E R q u e e n A N A - L U C I A