Masklove Bea and Ana – Clip Frank Miersch

I wear three variants, foam masks, latex masks and gas masks. Where over time for me the custom latex mask, (from Bea and Frank), has turned out to be the lover piece. This mask* is created exactly to the point. Tightly enclosing the nose, so that the skin is tightly covered with latex, the nose clip gives the right shape. The neck is cut in several parts, so the beauty of the swan neck comes out clearly. The latex mask is glued to a small top, so I can not free myself. This is special, creative and innovative – Fetish and also SM in one component to bring together successfully. This excites me.
*I wear the „CIRO woman erotic“

I have been wearing the gas masks for a very long time, even before I wore latex masks. With breathing bags, tubing, etc. That comes with me from the Gothic scene. I have worn gas masks at music events since I was very young. There represents for me the absolutely bizarre. The dehumanization, the future, science fiction ?…

It is a conscious decision of mine not to show my face.
Your imagination is stimulated, how is the woman behind it.